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Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates, is a full-body workout designed to improve core strength, flexibility, alignment and stability. The method is a series of controlled movements fueled by breath and performed on a spring-resistant apparatus or on the floor. Resistance is used to build strength without adding bulk, streamlining target muscle groups.

Pilates is an excellent way to prevent and address a wide variety of issues, including knee injuries, back pain and osteoporosis. The movements can facilitate injury recovery and boost performance in other physical activities by improving body awareness, posture and gait.


“I started working with Jessica when I learned I was pregnant and knew that I shouldn’t continue with normal group mat classes. I really enjoyed our sessions and never doubted she had my best interests in mind as she demonstrated a lot of knowledge about what was and wasn’t safe for me to do as my pregnancy progressed. While she clearly had my safety in mind, she also didn’t baby me which was exactly what I was after. I felt challenged in each session and like I had gotten a good workout. I looked forward to each session!”
– Kelly R., Client

“Jessica was my first Pilates teacher. Every time I take a session with her, I leave feeling so grounded and centered…. her thorough corrections help me continue to deepen my Pilates and GYROTONIC┬« practice. It is through my early years as a student of Jessica’s, that inspired me to become a Pilates instructor.”
– Iddy R., Client