Dance Retreat

Enchanted Ridge Dance Retreat takes place each summer in the mountains of northern California. Founded in 1998 by Jessica Adams, and co-taught with Dana Lawton, the Retreat brings dancers and nature together. Acclaimed San Francisco based musical artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Daniel Berkman accompanies all dance classes.

Participants take an extraordinary five-day journey as they relax into nature, strengthen their modern dance technique, experience somatic arts (Pilates, Yoga, Pranayama breathing, Yamuna® Body Rolling), and delve deeply into their own choreographic process.

After a day of dancing, choose to get a massage, soothe your muscles in the wood-burning sauna, swim in the refreshing pool or pond (depending on the drought), or simply enjoy the glow of the bonfire. Delicious, organic meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are provided and allow time to socialize, relax and foster a deeper sense of community.

Dancers are required to camp on the land (bringing your own camping gear).

There is a massage therapist on site who you pay directly. You may sign up on the registration form. Additional payment is due at the retreat.

The cost of the retreat is $675, all meals included.

Contact Jessica if you would like more information.

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“This program is very special, and I am not sure I would want to change anything. The best art is found when hearts are open, and you both gave so much of your heart and soul that I believe it inspired others to give in to dance.”

A typical day at the Enchanted Ridge Dance Retreat:

Yamuna Body Rolling®: Using small balls to roll out tight muscles, you will create circulation and improve range of motion. You’ll feel lighter, in better alignment and ready to dance

Dance: We teach modern dance with a strong emphasis on full-bodied movement, musicality, and rhythm. Each class is accompanied with live music and focuses on body alignment, qualities of energy and the joy of dancing.

Yoga: This Hatha-based asana class supports the dancing body. You will learn to deepen your awareness of breathing, alignment and connection to body, mind and spirit.

Pilates: This class will emphasize proper form, alignment and injury prevention. We’ll focus on strengthening the body’s core and maintaining optimal muscular balance throughout the body. Using neutral spine placement throughout all exercises, you will develop core abdominal and back strength, improve the use of breath, increase spinal flexibility, build upper body strength and reduce the body’s stress.

Choreography: Designed for dancers of all levels, this class uses choreographic tools to support the creative process. We will explore the elements of nature as a means for inspiration and creativity.



Jessica Lawing Adams

Jessica Lawing Adams has been a San Francisco-based dancer, choreographer and teacher since 1995. She holds a BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts, and since 2000 has been studying and teaching conscious fitness modalities. Jessica’s choreographic work has been produced in many dance festivals and showcases, including summerfest/dance, ODC’s Pilot and Flight programs, Vision Series and self-produced works. Jessica has worked and performed with Rapt Performance Group, Joe Goode, Kim Epifano, Scott Wells, Dana Lawton, Maxene Moerman, and many others. Her modern dance class stems from her love of being inverted with an interest in building strong technique and expansive movement.

Jessica’s teaching style is influenced by Joe Goode, Ellie Klopp, Kathleen Hermesdorf and Janice Garrett, along with her own desire to inspire dancers to find joy in moving. She finds inspiration in the human body and is a certified trainer in Pilates, Yamuna® Body Rolling and GYROTONIC®.method

Dana Lee Lawton

Dana Lee Lawton moved to the Bay Area in 1995 from Santa Barbara to pursue a career in dance. A former company member of Janice Garrett & Dancers, she is the director of St. Mary’s College Dance Company in Moraga and teaches at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley. She holds an MFA in Choreography from Mills College and a BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts. Dana has performed the works of Joe Goode, Randee Paufve, Alisa Rasera, Nina Haft, Rebecca Salzer, and others. She won the Vision Series 2000 Award for “Outstanding Performer” and was nominated for an Izzy for her dancing in Garrett’s Wayfaring. As a choreographer, Dana has created dances as part of ODC’s Pilot/Flight Program, Summerfest, and ACDF. She won praise from Dance Magazine: “Her minute gestures and full-body movement pushed dance over into speech.”

Lawton teaches modern dance with a strong emphasis on technique and placement. Her class focuses on full-bodied movement phrases, dynamic rhythms, spatial patterns, and varying qualities of energy. She is influenced by Janice Garrett, Randee Paufve, and her own exploration on the dance floor.


Daniel Berkman

Daniel Berkman is a San Francisco based composer, multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician and innovator of electro-acoustic music specializing in the Kora (a 21-stringed West African Harp). After studying composition and percussion at the Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut in the early nineties, Daniel pursued his music career in San Francisco for it’s artistic diversity, creativity and opportunity. Between 1998 and 2008 Daniel has written scores for dozens of dance companies and choreographers such as ODC, Kunst-Stoff, Sara Shelton Mann, Lizz Roman, Dandelion Dance Company, Company Mechanique, Stacy Printz Dance Project, Heidi Schweiker, Janice Garrett and many others. He is also a faculty member at San Francisco Ballet. His experience in both presenting live corporate performances and composing private media scores include such companies as Google, Yahoo, Babcock & Brown, The U.S. Marines, Landor & Associates, Millipore and others.

Daniel is also a recording artist in his own right with two highly acclaimed CD’s, “Calabashmoon” and “Heartstrings”, featuring his work with Kora and electronics and available at His debut solo electronic CD “Tape”, released under the moniker “Colfax” is now available on iTunes.


Enchanted Ridge is located in the evergreen mountains near Chico, California. Participants take an extraordinary five-day journey as they relax into nature, strengthen their modern dance technique, experience somatic arts (Pilates, Yoga, Pranayama breathing, Yamuna® Body Rolling), and delve deeply into their own choreographic process.

The dance studio and communal house, on 27 acres, are surrounded by lush gardens, a refreshing natural pool, sauna, a wonderful barn dance studio and much more. It is an inspiring location that’s perfect for dancers who want to get out of the city, into a creative, relaxed and open hearted environment. Experience the mountains, enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature while building a sense of community.